About 2020

We've missed empathy

I would like to hear leaders and managers say that 2020 was difficult, not challenging. Assume this year as it is: unlikely, thorny, costly, that has taken its toll, rather than something that causes a duel, dispute or opposition, an opponent to be won.

Challenge is something to prevail, one must win over. So, don't worry, the year will end on its own, it doesn't depend on you. We cannot win what was not done to be won.

But this year was difficult, as it exposed our lack of compassion, empathy, maturity and human eyes.

Thus, the biggest duel we had was against ourselves, not against the year that we are still in (and that will pass on its own). What we can overcome this year are our bad habits, our indifference, our individuality against the collective good.

This was the challenge, not the year.
I hope to find more people in my difficulties.

I'm Gui, by the way.
Thanks for reading.