Why am I writing?

Hopefully, I could serve better here.

Writing’s the only thing that I didn't give up - or the writing that didn't give up on me. Either way, I’m here, still writing. But writing what? For who? For what? Where? When? Let me try to respond to each question.

I've been writing my own things since I can remember I could write. Actually, I did that to keep up with my brother, because he’s the one that actually knows how to write.
Either way, I'm here, still writing, still trying to master the master.

So what am I writing?
Thoughts and ideas about serving better, through peace and harmony, for the long-term. Or short-term. Whatever serves you better.
Either way, I'm here, still writing.

For who?
You, my distinct reader; you're the reason. Who else could I serve if not another
Either way, I'm here, still writing about serving better. Serving you; for you're the reason.

For what?
I've been searching for better ways to serve for a long time now. A LONG time. Now I have a point of view, a better way of understanding how to serve better, for the long-term. And if I share it, maybe we can serve better together.
Either way, I'm here, still writing about serving better, for you're the reason. And maybe we could serve better together.

Where and when?
I'll write on my blog, of course, once a while. Now I have to figure it out how to serve better on my writing. This is good, right? You tell me.

Either way, I'm here, still writing.

I'm Gui, by the way.
Thanks for reading.

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